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Becoming a Minister of PRAISE

If you've traveled this far in your Restoration Journey, no doubt you've become a Minister of Praise. Each time you submit a Praise Report or any of your journals— we've given you the opportunity to share praise—preparing you to minister.

We trust, too, that if you were called to join our Evangelist Team, you've seen how God has further enhanced YOUR ministry to women.

Be sure to share in your praise reports, how God may have orchestrated chance meetings with women who were in a marriage crisis, or how YOU were led to share on a Prayer site. Or, maybe how He led you to offer the link to the Encourager blog, which led the woman to begin to have hope and wanted to find out more from you—and how you again led her to the beginning, the narrow gate where she found hope HopeAtLast 🙂

If you make it your heart's desire to encourage women by submitting and at least ONE WEEKLY Praise Report—you will find that GOD will make sure you are always blessed and there are fruits in your life—because He longs for encouraging spokespersons, women like you, to spread His GOOD NEWS!

Begin right now to submit a Praise Report that focuses on how He's helping you to start YOUR ministry to women!

It's time to fill out your journal documenting What I Learned for this lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: We want to AGAIN encourage you to really POUR your heart into each and every journal to recall What I learned as this will prepare you and lead you to your own ministry

He is calling you to be an encouraging woman who has a heart for others and continues being led and transformed by Him. 🙂

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