The last step in Preparing to Minister is as easy as 1-2-3:

#1 Submit a BIO form. *If you already have a BIO, you can skip this step and go to #2.

#2 Make sure you have and are using your BNN. *If you already have and use a BNN, you can skip this step and go to #3.

#3 Sign up for a RMIEW Gmail account. *If you already have a RMIEW Gmail, you can skip this step.

Your new Gmail address

In Course 2 (and also for our new translators), we ask that you set up a new Gmail account. You could simply continue using your current Yahoo or another email, but as an Encouraging Woman, having a new Gmail account using your BNN will help you divide your ministry from your personal life—pressing forward—smiling at your future.

* We encourage you to put RMI or RMIEW somewhere in your email address, along with using your new BNN.


Stop now to CREATE your Ministry GMAIL ACCOUNT - Create a Gmail address‎


*Once you create your new BNN Gmail address, please send us an email FROM your new BNN Gmail to so we can update your file with your new BNN Gmail.

*THEN be sure to ALWAYS use your BNN Gmail account when filling out all your “Daily Journals” and “Check in” forms and/or Praise Reports, which is a safer, more discreet location.

It's time to fill out your journal documenting What I Learned for this lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: We want to AGAIN encourage you to really POUR your heart into each and every journal to recall What I learned as this will prepare you and lead you to your own ministry

He is calling you to be an encouraging woman who has a heart for others and continues being led and transformed by Him. 🙂