HomeSchooling for Him!
Enter by the Narrow Gate
HomeGrown MINISTRIES began when we began seeing the fruits of a second generation that believed that a child who is HomeGrown is far and above more BLESSED than turning the training over to the state or anyone else. That GOD's plan was for each child to grow spiritually and emotionally strong in the rich soil of the FAMILY, in their own Home.
We believed that encouraging women with all the Lord has shown us, and blessed us with, was what He was calling us to do. This is when a newly formed Branch of RMI began, an exciting way to Encouraging Women who were younger mothers—many of whom have chosen to educate their children themselves, at home.


Why Homeschool?
In 2002 Erin Thiele was asked to help mothers at her megachurch, which was taped, and the outline she gave became an inspiring book called HomeSchooling for Him: Enter by the Narrow Gate. At the time, she was still homeschooling 5 of her 7 children (2 of had already graduated). In addition to educating her own children, she also helped run a home business with her husband, along with her ministry that had become worldwide. During this same time period, Erin encouraged hundreds of family to choose to take back the authority over the training and educating of their children, and was soon a popular homeschool speaker for many conferences in Florida and later in Missouri.
Today, all of Erin's children are adults, many of whom have chosen full time ministry. You may want to read the H4H book reviews and pick up an eBook.

H4H NXT Generation

After homeschooling her 7 children, years later, many are married and some now have children of their own that are school aged, so the next generation is being homeschooled. One of Erin's daughter's-in-law is so sold on homeschooling, she has agreed to share much of what she's learned with each of you in a monthly newsletter.
YES, there are so many resources and homeschooling blogs available now, but what we believe makes this resource different is simply WHY we've chosen to homeschool:
• It is not for the sake of giving our children a better education (although this is what they will receive). 
• It is not for the sake of protecting them from what's learned in school by ungodly curriculum and influential and bullying peers (although it will). 

• We have chosen to educate our children ourselves because God entrusted our children to US in order that we might have the opportunity to live as a family, learn as a family, LOVE as a family and make sure He is at the center of everything!


This is the book that helped countless families discover the purpose of setting their children apart and they began homeschooling for Him.

Below, we'd suggest you begin by listening to the AUDIO. You can easily listen while you do a mundane task during your day (laundry, dishes or vacuuming), then when He provides time for you to sit down and rest, you can READ the corresponding Chapter.

After each be sure to stop and ponder— letting the Lord speak to you. Ask Him questions, tell Him how you feel, ask Him what He wants to teach you and take away from what you heard or read in the chapter. 

Then, ask Him to wake you up early one morning, giving you time to pour your heart into your Journal in order to absorb all He has for you—helping you experience Him and LIVING His Abundant Life to the fullest as you continue to HomeGrow your most precious gift—your children.

We recommend asking the Lord to help you listen to the audio sometime during the week and also have a moment to sit down to read a chapter. Then, ask Him to wake you early one morning to Journal.

Also to help there is a FREE Homeschool Curriculum Online that many mother's use with great success!

All in One Homeschool.

“She rises while it is yet night…” Proverbs 31:15

Normally, as a mother, you’ll only find this quiet time when you first wake up to pour your heart into your Journal.

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