Podcast🎙️WW with Special Guest Azaiah

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Today we have a podcast 🎤  with a very special guest Azaiah from Cape Town, South Africa who shares her experiences with some of the most important principles she learned in a Wise Woman and how she has been putting them into practice in her daily life!

6 thoughts on “Podcast🎙️WW with Special Guest Azaiah”

  1. It was just amazing how it happened that l ended up interviewing only Azaiah. The plan was to have a podcast with the cape town team and the ministry team but Azaiah could not make it so l interviewed her separately… It was definitely how He wanted it!! What Azaiah shares is so deep and heartfelt and raw that l know it will encourage so many women ❣

  2. Wow, I had to go to my bible to check the bible verse. Azaiah, my prayer is the same as yours, but also you know what I want to do is really not even let things bother me you know. Although He has helped me to give my mouth shut, my whole body language shows that I am not happy. I want Him to change even that inside of me. I will keep you in mind when I talk to Him for both of us 🙂

  3. I love this Podcast!! I got so encouraged and got new wisdom!!! Love the way you explain it Azariah!!
    Wow!!! We really need a clean heart!!
    Thank you for opening your heart!!! 💖

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