Read Violeta's RESTORED Marriage Testimony,
"I Took Off My Wedding Ring Bothered Him the Most"

This testimony was taken from one of our many
Word of Their Testimonies books
to help YOU
overcome any doubts or fears in
God's Ability and Desire to
Restore YOUR Marriage!

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1 thought on “Day 21 Be Encouraged CLASSIC 3/1”

  1. The encouraged videos are incredible, to open the eye more for the even tiny things that the lord is working on. I remembered last year. I invited my earthly husband on a concert of our kids, what was on our anniversary. And I asked the lord to come alone. And he almost did. Right before the event our big daughter, wanted to fetch some clothes from daddy and asked me for attending daddy to the concert then. I told her, that this would be wonderful for daddy, not arriving there alone! 💕And you know what, we spent the wedding day together 🥰. I wished it, but at that stage I was not praying to the lord – but he already knew that I would and how important this day was for me. As a family. Looking back it looks for me that the lord wanted to show me, that he wants to restore our marriage 🥹. He already showed me more than half a year ago 🥹. How incredible is that. I praise the lord for that 💕 he is my hero 💕🥰

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