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“Restoration Fellowship—A Church without Walls"


"Your testimonies also are my delight; they are my counselors"— Psalm 119:24 

“For your Husband is your Maker, Whose name is the Lord of hosts; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth.

“'For the Lord has called you, Like a wife forsaken and grieved in spirit, Even like a wife of one’s youth when she is rejected,' Says your God.”

"Instead of your shame you will have a double portion, and instead of humiliation they will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore they will possess a double portion in their land, Everlasting joy will be theirs. For I, the Lord, love justice, I hate robbery...and I will faithfully give them their recompense and make an everlasting covenant with them. Then their offspring will be known among the nations, and their descendants in the midst of the peoples." —Isaiah 54:5-6

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The reason I am interested in applying for Restoration Fellowship, learning more of how to become HIS bride and HIS church, is: *

I came to Know the Lord personally when I found this ministry and my life fell apart. I just want to seek what is right with Him and I want to become His bride, all His, and I want to become what His word says. I want to be so in love with Him that nothing else matters to me.

~ Ava in Texas

Over the last few months I have been feed solely by this ministry. I believe that in this ministry we are like-minded and that is extremely important to me. I want to come alongside those that will support, encourage, and inspire me on this journey.

My salvation experience was about 16 years ago...well if I am honest I came to truly know the Lord a few months ago. I have always believed in Jesus Christ, but I didn't really know Him. It wasn't until my husband left that I truly came to know the Lord. I knew of Him before, but I didn't truly know Him until recently.

~ Cassia in Brazil

I'm a RMIEW MIT and I'm really interested in learning more about how can I have an even deeper and closer relationship with my Beloved Jesus. Since I was introduced to this amazing ministry so many wonderful blessings have been poured on my life that the desire of my heart is to help other dear women to experience the same rest and love I've found in my First Love's arms.

I spent my whole life believing I was a Christian, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The circumstances that my Beloved orchestrated to bring me closer to Him were the most beautiful proof of love I've ever seen... I came to know Him after I started this beautiful Journey. He revealed Himself to me when we finally had the time alone I needed in order to be cured and be made new after experiencing His delightful love. Everything I've lived before in the church is absolutely nothing when compared to the relationship I have with Him now. He's changing my heart in such a way that I just can't let go of this relationship we are building for anything in this world.

I'd not been a member of a church for a long time before my Beloved led me to RMI. I've figured that the church was just feeding my pharisaism, teaching me more and more rules and not getting me any closer to my Jesus. And this is all I really needed: knowing Him for what He is to me, my Heavenly Husband. Be alone with Him was the most amazing experience I've had in my whole life. Now I feel absolutely free to seek Him as my Lord, my Savior, my Husband, my all in all. He called me to be alone with Him in this Journey and there is no way I will decline His invitation because... I'm so in love!!! 🙂

~ Joy in Michigan

I am presently unable to attend church with my EH, who is 5 states away. I believe that my HH does not want me to forsake assembly together with like-minded believers. Therefore, at this time, He is leading me to join this fellowship.

Since I live in a small rural area, it is very obvious if my EH is not attending church with me. I was faced with questions I did not want to answer. Initially, I found myself focusing on him during the worship love songs, rather than longing for my HH. (This was before I had found RMI and did not yet realize that my HH was using this struggle to pursue me.) As I've drawn closer to My Beloved these past two months, I realize that He is my spiritual leader and I don't need to put myself under another. And I don't want to "put on a show" for others.

~ Beata in Florida

I have been steadily making progress in my restoration journey, and find much comfort in it. I am very interested in growing spiritually and since I don’t attend a ‘brick and mortar’ church, it seems like a perfect fit. Mostly though, it would be so good to fellowship with other women who have been in the same position as myself; no-one else really seems to understand what I’m going through. You never know, my experience may help someone else. I realize that the enormous void I have been experiencing is a spiritual one; I don’t want to ‘backslide’ after all I've been through.

My life had been reduced to ashes, I was a drunk, I had lost my job and my husband left me. I had nowhere else to turn. When I first read a chapter in How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, it struck a chord somewhere deep within me, and I saw a small glimmer of hope. I read the chapter for free on Amazon, just to see if it was worth buying, and before long I couldn't put it down. The same thing started to happen as I began the RRR online courses; they compelled me to go back and reread them over and over. There were plenty of tears, and quite a bit of pain I had to work through but I knew it was something that I had to do; I knew that God intended it for me.

It took me to get to the lowest point in my life, when my spirit was completely crushed and I was friendless and abandoned, to become humble and ask God to do what I couldn't for myself. I took every suggestion and spent countless days and hours studying His Word and in prayer and slowly but surely my faith grew and my pain lessened as God faithfully provided me with the courage I needed to want to live again.

~ Jennifer in Tennessee

I want to know the Lord as His bride and have that relationship with Him that I've read about in so many testimonies on this site. I know I'm lost and struggling and He is the only way to find my way again. I long to be so totally in love with Him that nothing else matters, that I can depend and turn only to Him. I long to return to my first Love.

~ Esther in Poland

The reason I join Restoration Fellowship is because I need Him and I really need to develop my relationship with my HH to be more deeper as I cannot do without Him anything. I am Catholic and I know the Lord my whole life, as long as I can remember, but there were of course different levels of my relationship with Him. Joining RMIEW was a big step in my relationship moving forward with my HH.

~ Carolina in Canada

Because I want to know the Lord in a personal way, I want Him to be the first in my life, my priority and my reason to live, and I found this ministry the only one to guide me to my goals that is knowing Jesus as my Lord, my everything. God has been just awesome with me in this trial, but I need more of Him, I want HIM in my entire life, in my thinking, during my work, in my dreams, and I know that with this ministry I can find HIM this way.

~ Jewel in Honduras

I am letting go of my church to join RMI Fellowship. With all I have learned here, I agree I'm been fed here with food I haven't received anywhere in my whole life. Plus, I want to be able to fellowship with people that share my same way of seeing life now. And last but not least I want to learn more about how to be His bride.

I got baptized at church and was very close to God when I was 16 years old. I always looked to Him, but now on this journey is when I really came to know Him. I learned to really seek Him more through all your resources.

~ Shelly in Arizona

I am looking to find other like-minded women to talk, study and learn with. I have been unable to find anyone else that truly believes in the Word and abiding by His word completely. It will be nice to have other women to discuss my studies with and share my experiences with.

I have been thinking about this milestone for about a month now and really struggled with the idea of letting go of the church as I had spent so much energy teaching my children the importance of going the past 2 years that I was sure that it couldn't be good to let go of it now. But the more the idea was presented to me and the more I read through the lessons I realized that the church was not actually providing me or my children with any real knowledge of the Bible that was going to assist them in the future and being better wives. I initially thought that I would gradually stop going and no one would notice (we attend a church with only about 150 people!) but this morning as I sat in church I started looking around and God started showing me other women and families that had just stopped coming to church over the past 2 years and reminded me that they didn't gradually stop coming they were just gone one day and the pastor would just say they were trying something different. That is when I realized God was telling me that it was what He wanted for me and my family as well, it was time for us to try something different. I am actually looking forward to the additional time on Sunday mornings to spend studying His word and the opportunity to study His word with my kids and teaching them all the things that I missed in the Bible all these years!

~ Marila in United Kingdom

I want to find a local group of women that goes through the same situation as I do and that share the same principles of the restoration. I met the Lord when I was 16 years old in a pentecostal church. I feel completely in love with Jesus and I gave my life as His bride, however when I went to university I started to have other priorities rather than the Lord (which I am now very ashamed to recognize). It was only 2 years ago when my marriage started to vanish in front of my eyes that I ran back to Him as my HH again.

~ Lucila in Chile

I need to learn how to become His bride, so I let go my church. I need to learn how to share what I am learning to other women.  Ten years ago I accepted the Lord as my Saviour but I didn't know Him until my husband was removed 6 months ago.

When I started to read all the principles about letting go your husband, your church, tithing, etc. I said I have to obey. When I decided to let go my husband I felt so free,  and now same with the church.

Here, at RMI Fellowship, it is where we receive all the Word to grow and change our lives. It is here where you get the food that you really need for this awesome journey. Because the more you obey, the more you see His glory.

~ Eva in Slovakia

I read in one lesson that nothing is more worthy than following God. I found this is true. I would like to become your member because I believe you show me how to follow God and become new creature in Christ with gentle and quiet spirit.

I am starting to have closer relationship with God during doing your courses. I have experience now that God answering my prayers and questions and really leads me. I have been formed like Catholic since my childhood but I did not have very close relationship with God

~ Antonella in California

Because I want to fill the empty void in my life!! Through this time in my life i have fallen in love with my Heavenly Husband who i never had a real relationship with. Like Erin said in one of her videos, He was my Savior not my Lord. I want to radiate more of His love and i want to be so overwhelmed with His love that in my heart i truly let go of my EH and restoration completely. I want to fulfill every single purpose that my Heavenly Husband has for me, I’m done living for me and i want more of Him.

~ Sofia in Guatemala

I need to feed myself more of my HH. I recently let go completely of my church, I stopped going to church but watch the services online, but afterwards I felt the need to let go completely because I was using it like a tool to get my husband’s attention. Did it worked? Of course not, my HH showed me that I was trying to work as a Holy Spirit helper and that I needed to stop, so I did.

I want more, I need more of my HH and I know I will find it with in here.

~ Ana Claudia in Brazil

I do want to learn more how to become HIS bride and how to help others do the same. I thought I knew it but I found out here that I was so deceived. My parents suffered marital issues all their 58 years of marriage and I have gone through the same problems and pain. I have seen the same pain and sometimes I had looked for help in several places and not found it. So, I am sure the Lord led me to RMIEW with a purpose.

I have done almost every mistake Erin teaches about. I had so much pain in my bones and flesh and memories from my sins with my EH, with my kids, with myself and with my HH that it was very easy to leave my church. I’d just been looking for help in every church wall, every seminar and had attended every convocation - for more than 15 years - on how to have a healthy relationship with my husband and kids, and how to lead them all to God. So when I was reading all the RRR online courses I knew everything was true. I had already been around the ‘fakes’ and I had eaten the fruit from it. I knew I finally had to find someone that knew the way. I just needed to rest and follow. My fight has ended. Now I can rest, wait and rest, helping others that are also so lost as I was.

~ Kimberly in Wyoming

I feel that this is where I belong. I have learned more here than I ever did in 30 years of attending my church and have finally been given real guidance and direction.

It wasn't until my brokenness during my separation and then finding RMIEW that I really came to know Him intimately. Through the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage book and the RRR online courses and other books I learned to look to Him and seek Him more and more and start to build a much closer and more personal relationship.

I just keep going with the RRR online courses. When I feel stuck I read them over and over and ask for His guidance and seek Him for understanding and clarification. I follow the principles as best I can and when I fail I seek better understanding from my Beloved.

~ Challice in South Africa

Earlier on in my RJ, I remember a question my Precious Lord asked me. He said, "If I were to give you a choice, let you have your husband back or his salvation, what would you choose?" I battled with this question, I thought it was harsh and unfair, but eventually I admitted that my EH salvation was way more important. I had only been back at my church for the last 2 months and it has been awesome. But today, for some reason, and without me planning to do so, I ended up speaking to my Pastor. Out of the blue, I shared with him that I had a feeling that my EH had stopped going to church because I had returned. You see the last time my EH was in church was the day he saw me in church, which was when I started going again. I could see he felt so awkward, as did I. My Pastor mentioned something about how my EH is probably aware that everyone knows what has happened and that he is perhaps embarrassed. Be that as it may, I explained that in all honesty, even although we are separated, I have learnt that my EH is still the spiritual head and that by me attending the church that he loved without him, I was acting like spiritual head and maybe even shaming him. My Pastor told me that he felt that I had grown so much and that he had never witnessed the peace of our Lord in me in all the years that we were members of the church, but he did say that there was wisdom in what I was saying. The other thing is the divorced man that my EH shares a house with, also goes to the same church. I have been feeling very uncomfortable as I am very aware of how I am watched and because he and his ex wife had been our friends for many years. I have peace in my decision not to attend church for how ever long this season may last.

~ Isabella in Arizona

I want to help other women with what I am going through. To let her know that she is not alone. I also want to have a closer relationship with the Lord and trust his promises and fall in love with his word. I want to experience that true love feeling and for the Lord to really change my heart and heal me where I am broken. I know I have a way to help others, and this ministry has been encouraging me with all the testimonies. I want to build a greater faith and overcome my fear as well with the Lord’s help.

~ Crystal in Washington

I don't have a home church. I am spiritually fed with your ministry. I feel I am getting the truth, and the Word. I would like to gain more wisdom and possibly connect with other women of faith, if it is the Lord's Will. 🙂

Sisters, I am not special. I have so much work to do, I stumble daily but, I would like to inspire you to read and keep in the Word daily! I wake up hungry for his knowledge. I go to sleep with praise. I promise you, I know how you feel. I can only explain that I was beyond devastated. Today, 2 short months after finding RMI, I feel vibrant and alive for the first time. All days are not like this, but I can now control my thoughts and emotions!

~ Cynthia in Guatemala 

I want to be His bride and also embrace all that He has for me. I believe in what this Ministry is about and that is His Word. I have attended other churches before looking for the truth and hope but all I found was ‘empty sermons’ and when faced with trouble people don't really get prepared spiritually to deal with them the way God established in His Word. I think this ministry takes ALL of His Word seriously and knows how to teach others to apply His principles and I want to learn more about that too. I want to live my life His way and walk in His will.

I've believed in God all my life. I have attended church since I was born and then when I got married we were leaders in our local church. I was never told to actually look in the Bible for all my answers but only to pray for favour in what I wanted to do or accomplish. The Lord got my attention since I was often wondering if this is what we all came to earth to do. Just living plain boring lives hoping to be blessed by some distant and benevolent God. He used my marriage to finally present Himself as my Bridegroom and so much more than just my Savior. I thank Him for all the trials that got me to know Him as I do now and for the things I went through in my church (which I continued attending a few months after my separation and divorce) to finally realize that a building was not going to save me or do what I wanted to do, which was to help me restore my broken family. He is so wonderful that now all I need to do is talk to Him, get on my knees, get on my face or worship Him to be with Him and to be in His presence. All I need to do is love Him and trust in His Word to see my enemies defeated. If we delight ourselves in Him He will give us the desires of our hearts and I just never knew this. He is teaching me more every day and will continue to perfect the work He started in me until the day I will finally see Him face to face!

~ Jenna in Minnesota

It may have started out as a desire to restore my marriage and I knew it would never happen if the Lord wasn't first in my life and heart. But now as I have continued to seek Him, I just know that I can't go on spending the rest of my life in this wilderness and having my priorities out of order. I don't want to miss out on a relationship with Him when I KNOW that I will never be truly happy and I will always feel incomplete without Him. I have put the Lord into boxes only to open those boxes in times of convenience or great need. I don't want to spend the rest of my life missing out on what the Lord created me to long after.

I have not sought a new church because I have known the Lord more in the past few months seeking Him for myself and through this ministry than I have in years of attending church. When you can find a ministry that is narrowing in on your specific need right now and the Lord is using them to speak to your heart specifically, that is something you may get every once in awhile at church.

~ Tina in Tennessee

I want to feel closer to my HH by becoming a member of where I am being spiritually fed. I want to be His bride. I also want to help others going through the same situation as I am. If I can help only one other woman, I would be so happy. No one should feel alone during this journey.

I will admit, it was difficult at first because growing up that is all I knew; “go to church every Sunday”. After reading some of the PR and How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, I learned that in order for my journey to progress I had to let go of my church and let God take over. I still have difficult days but my HH gets me through them. I pull out His Word and read, read, read! Psalms and Proverbs mainly. They help me the most.

~ Orien in Indonesia

I want to be closer to God, knowing Him more and truly becoming His bride.

It took a long time for me to understand my RJ. I struggled with myself but He never left me. He is so faithful with His Love. He helped me to enjoy the trials with a smile and hope and love from Him. I know it's His will for me to through this so He can make my testimony for others. I love Him and I give all my life for Him. With the love He gave me I know I have to let go everything and focus on my relationship with Him. He knows what best for me.

~Thelma in Sweden

I have read your lesson about making Him my Husband and it brought so much peace like I have never known existed. This is the reason I am filling in this form; to learn about being His bride. This is just exactly what have been searching for all my life. The peace, the love and joy is simply amazing. Too good to be true. Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream.

~ Cesia in Florida RESTORED

I would like to join in order to continue in my fellowship and intimacy with my Heavenly Husband. I was brought up as a Christian since as far as I can remember. When I was 12 years old I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. However, it wasn't until going through my marriage crisis and finding RMIEW, that I found Him as my first love!!

~ Rachel in Georgia

I sense God calling me to ‘pull in and circle the horses’ so to speak; to step into complete dependence on Him. My church's teachings are scriptural and I love worshipping God in a community of other believers. But for this season, to step back under the spiritual leadership of my husband (which seems so strange because he has never and is not yet leading) and to focus my heart and attention on my Heavenly Husband and the place I am in currently so that I can serve my local church body and God more effectively in the future. I am trusting that this is my calling. I wasn't sure how I would tell my EH about this, but God allowed it to come up naturally and I was able to let him know I was going to stop going to church for a while, unless he wanted me to continue taking the boys (he had thanked me previously for continuing to take them). He asked if it was hard for me to let go and I was able to say no, but it has to do with my relationship with God. He said he understood completely. And now God has opened the door for my EH to take his sons with him when he starts going back to church, as he says he's going to do.

When the idea of giving up my church first came up I thought ‘surely not’. The teaching in my church is scripturally sound and often speaks to me in a way that supports what I'm learning here at RMI and makes me more passionate about my HH. But I prayed about it asking God to show me what he wanted me to do at this time. And I realized that He wants me to rely completely on him and give my EH a chance to step into his role as spiritual head of our family which he is less likely to do if my kids and I are attending a church. Then I wasn't sure how I would explain to my EH why I was no longer going. And God allowed that conversation to happen naturally and easily, giving me the opportunity for me to offer to continue to take our boys if that's what he wished and for him to take them with him if he wanted, and to let him know it wasn't because I found it difficult to go because of our situation, but that it had to do with my relationship with God. I didn't have to go into detail about why, which I was worried about how to avoid discussing his spiritual headship over me and making him feel pressured or pushing him away. God even allowed my EH to say he completely understood! I'm pretty sure he doesn't, but to have his support and understand that my relationship with God is as important to me as it is was a gift.

~ Someta in Florida

I truly feel that fellowship does not have to be within the four walls of the church. Fellowship should be with like-minded individuals whose purpose is to draw closer to His heart. I attended a church where the pastor had been married 3 times. When I spoke to him about my marriage, he basically told me that there was nothing I can do if my husband doesn't want to make it work. For a while, I fed into this lie. PTL I found RMI! Through this ministry, I learned that God doesn't need both parties to restore your marriage. He can do it with just me! I also learned that God has placed a ministry of reconciliation in each of us. When I was at my church, I ministered through dance. I thought that ministry was works throughout the church. It is through RMIEW that I learned that you can minister to women going through troubles in their marriage outside the church! RMIEW has taught me the principles as well as God's truth on marriage. It is His joy to restore back to us everything that was lost. This ministry isn't just a way to get your EH back. It is a way to become His bride and His church and because of your obedience to His Word, THEN He will restore your marriage. The focal point is on the Lord and I have learned so much from this ministry. That is why I long to share what I have learned and to comfort those with the same comfort I have received from our faithful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

The Lord convicted me in this matter. He showed me that I was a hypocritical Pharisee! He revealed to me that I became the spiritual leader of my house and that's why my house began to crumble. Marriage is a reflection of Christ and the church. How would it be if the church tried to be over Christ? I have seen that at many churches and this only leads to chaos and destruction. My Beloved has shown me that He appointed my husband as my spiritual leader because He knows what's best for me. He would never do anything to hurt me. Knowing this has caused me to lean on His Word and not on my own understanding and to trust that all things will work out for my good.

~ Precious in Trinidad and Tobago

The church my kids and I were attending gave me a decision to make regarding my husband. However everything that they said didn't line up with what God has been speaking to me and therefore I had to let go of that church. So now I want to join the ministry that has allowed me to hear God's truth about my situation and my life, and also most importantly my relationship with Him!!!

It really only took Him to help me let go because I really loved being in church. The worship was great, I felt reconciled to Him there. However when the pastors and elders spoke things that were not God's truth I knew I had to let go. It was a very difficult thing to do but this is where I had trust my Savior with everything that I had because my kids loved Sunday school and so on. My fear was that I would fall away from His presence easily but through God's grace I haven't and it has been 2 months since I left. I praise God for His unconditional love that when you are obedient and your trust is in Him He never lets you fall out of His presence. He's always there...ALWAYS!!!!!

~ Holly in Kentucky

Honestly I feel like my Lord has led me. I struggled with letting go of church because I have seen how my children have begun looking to the Lord. I realize through His leading that He will supply ALL our needs and show me how to be the mother I need to be. That He will show my children His face as well. I just trust Him.

I began seeking His desire for me and whether or not He wanted me to let go of church yet. I knew I wanted to but only in His timing. I missed church this week and prayed for His guidance. I can just say that His peace and His quiet voice is telling me "okay sweetie, it’s time". Tears fill my eyes as I write this. I love Him.

~ Joan in Kenya

I long to be His and Him mine. I want to experience closeness and intimacy with Him. I’m not currently spirit fed anywhere and I’ve let go of my church. I want to have fellowship with other ladies as well.

I struggled with letting go of my church for almost a year. I SG concerning this matter but it wasn't until later in the year that I felt peace with leaving my church. If I was in church, I wasn't concentrating and sometimes I would stay in the car to wait for my children so we could leave after the service. This was also the church I was married in. I didn't feel led to go to another church. I want to spend time in the presence of the Lord without being restricted to just 2 hours of services. I really desire to have an intimate relationship with him. I didn't want my mind contaminated with all sorts of advice but instead wanted to remain with this ministry. I'm glad that I'm at peace with my decision because it is the Lord leading me. I don't miss church anymore and neither do my children.

~ Nicci in the United Kingdom RESTORED

I have been doing the lessons for a few months now and have learnt more in these months than I have in the years I have been in church. My relationship with the Lord has changed and I am seeing the fruits of being His bride in my life and in those around me . It is actually exciting to be able to say that I know the Lord personally now. I am interested in becoming a part of the Restoration fellowship because I do feel the confirmation in my heart and the leading that this is the right thing to do. In addition, I believe in my heart that it is aligned to scripture and that we are indeed the church. I do believe that God is calling his people to Him to give them a new revelation of Him and I want to be a part of this. I have always been fascinated with how the early church operated as I believe we have lost those principles. In addition, I have recently experienced a restored marriage and want to allow my EH to become the spiritual leader of the home. This is one way I can do this. He would not be classed as a 'christian' by many, but he does have a relationship with the Lord and I believe God has started me on this restoration journey, not to leave me, but to complete that what he has started. I also want to experience God more and believe this is the next step.

This for me is a very big milestone as I have grown in the church all my life. It was in my genes with my father being an active evangelist in a pentecostal church. My mother is a loving but strong willed woman also, and so much of my upbringing was dependent upon her approval. These 2 reasons were the main reasons I struggled. However, God gave me the revelation through the resources provided in the teachings from Erin, and of course His Word that He wants me to depend upon Him only. That He wants a personal, intimate relationship with me and letting go of my church was one of the ways He prompted me. In obedience to Him I let go over time - first my activities and then my attendance. I have seen the fruits of obedience in my own life since starting these teachings and applying the principles. I could not then be disobedient - not with the relationship I have with my HH now, knowing that He only wants the very best for me. In fact, worrying about what other people think or feel is one of the things He is freeing me from on this restoration journey. It is about Him and putting Him first whilst having a gentle quiet spirit. It is about listening for His direction and leading and this is what He is leading me to do NOW. At this MOMENT. And so I follow where He leads knowing He is my HH and the Good Shepherd. He is also the WAY and so I know He is able. Also, my EH is not a church-goer at all and part of the teaching from the Word is that our EHs are our spiritual leader. I wanted to give my EH the opportunity to be our spiritual leader rather than being rebellious. I've only just recently let go and like everything else, I am trusting God on the outcome and next steps as I obey Him.

~ Stacy in Ohio

I left my church just over a year ago and had monthly fellowship calls with ladies in the region through this ministry. However, the phone calls needed to end. I'm always encouraged and looking forward to learning more about my HH! I would really like to receive the weekly message from Erin.

I just gave it to Him and kept talking to Him about it... then I finally listened to Him and when I had such a peace and calm about not returning to church, I knew that was the answer from Him.

~ Felicia in Tennessee

I have let my church go, and I desire a closer walk with my Lord and Savior. I came to know Christ as a child, was baptized as a teenager and been in church all of my adult life. but not until I found this ministry can I say that I finally know God and my LORD AND SAVIOR, for the first time.

Since joining this ministry I have grown so much in my relationship with my HH. I desire to be with HIM all the time.

~ Laurie in Florida

I look forward each and every day to the next day and feel that there has been such a change in my life. One that I never believed could have happened if God hadn't allowed it.

I have never felt such peace in my life and everyone at my work has noticed how much happier I am and that I have a "glow". This is all because of God and what he is doing in me. Praise the Lord.

~ Krista in Ohio

My restoration journey began when I found out my husband was seeing the OW this past Christmas Day. Last Spring, broken down and a mess, through the Grace of God, I ended up on your website. Since then I continue to work through the material learning everything I can, doing my best to make changes in my own life. Through the trials that I continue to face, I am trying to do my best to let go, and just let God do his work. I have struggled with this, and this probably explains why I keep seeing trials come into my life and my husband continues to see the OW. Every single day, I am in the word reading through your material and the Bible, it is what keeps me going and gives me faith. When these trials came about, I started regularly attending church with my mother (Which is a regular church-goer), although I was not really getting anything from the sermons. The best information I was getting and still are getting is from reading through all your material. PTL!!! And then when I read that the husband should be the leader of taking his family to church (My husband put up a cold shoulder towards church when our first son was born back in 2001 and stopped going), I decided to stop going with my mom and just continued to get everything I could from reading all your material (which speaks mainly from the word of GOD, PTL!). I want to have a full relationship with God, and not have any worries, including worrying about my husband and what he is doing or what his attentions are. I just want my focus to be on the Lord.

I just believe and are taking everything I learn through your ministry to heart and do my best to the follow the teachings of "The Word". To me, I was not getting anything from the services I was attending (Nothing remotely close to what I get from reading through the Restore Ministry material), therefore it was not hard for me to stop going to my mother's church with my mother. Although I do feel bad that my mother is going alone now (My father passed in 2009) and she thinks I need to go to church, I just continue to assure her that I do not physically have to attend a church to be taught the word of God.

~ Karen in North Carolina

I want to know Him as my Bridegroom.

This one was hard because I' ve always gone to church. When I really read what Erin was saying, I now have peace because I want to do what will bring relationship with Him.

~ Kesha in Arizona

I want to expand my relationship with God, fellowship with like-minded people and learn more of how to become HIS bride and HIS Church, so that I never become lukewarm again.

I looked for answers from other "good" "Christian" sources but through His revelation learned that He will speak directly to me and He wants to delve into His Word for myself and not what some else tells me. Trust God to reveal Himself to you. He loves you more than you can imagine. He loves you so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get your attention.

~ Terri in Texas RESTORED

Although I know I am the Lord's Bride and have taken Him as my Husband, I realize now that very few women see God in this way and as a result, many live lonely and barren lives. I want to be different. So I want to renew my mind daily of how much better it is to be the Lord's Bride and represent His church through my joy-filled life rather than seeking my happiness in the world and people.

About 2 years ago, I became an RMIOU Minister-in-Training and gladly let go of my church to have more of the Lord. However, due to my unique restoration journey (I lost custody of my children) I found myself isolated and alone with little to no human contact outside of RMI. Since RMI is an on-line ministry, I was comfortable "talking" on-line but became frightened and anxious in public and when interacting with others. My isolation became so extreme, that I soon found myself homeless without a job or family to turn to because I had withdrawn from society and cut off all of my relationships with family members and friends. The Lord used the church to breathe life into me again. It was through the kindness of a Pastor at a local church that I was able to find another home and gain full employment. The only condition the church had was that I attend their services for the duration of the time they were supporting me. I agreed. However, after my two-month commitment I soon found that there was a conflict of faith between what God was calling me to and what my Pastor believed. Though I have resisted restoration with my FH for years, longing to simply be the Lord's Bride forever, I knew God was calling me to be OPEN to the possibility of having my marriage restored in order to regain custody. Yet, my Pastor had no such faith and even told me that I could remarry another. I have recently relocated to an area closer to my children and my FH but again, due to lack of family support and knowing anyone in this new town, I sought comfort and support in a local church. Though the fellowship was wonderful and I met some amazing Christians, once again, I was faced with disbelief from the leadership concerning my hope and desire for my family to be reunited. They all thought it was impossible and began to take "pity" on me. Something I hate! Soon I began to feel like just another "single" woman sitting in the pews, and this made me more uncomfortable than being alone. What has led me to this place is my longing for spiritual stability and hope. For the past several weeks I have felt "lost" in my spiritual journey, and after praying and fasting the Lord showed me that it was time for me to recommit myself to RMI and His church so that I will have the support I need to fulfill His call and purpose in my life. So I am letting the church go once again to have all God wants for me. Yes, this is scary for me because I don't want to find myself feeling lonely again. But at the same time I know that I can't have it both ways or I will always struggle with double-mindedness.

~ Melissa in Wyoming

I want to obey God and be closer to Him. I want to be the godly wife I'm supposed to be. I want God to use me to help others.

I was using church as a crutch. I was using church to get closer to God. I was acting as the spiritual leader in my home and that's my husband's job. I was self righteous and by going to church, I was "throwing" God is my husband's face. I ended up pushing my husband farther away. I have peace knowing that going to church has nothing to do with my faith in God or my relationship with God.

~ Arminda in Mexico

I want to prepare more so I can help other women.

I admit that since I found this ministry I have learnt many principles and applied them and seen God work through them but one of the most difficult things to let go was my church; firstly because if I stayed home I was bored and sometimes depressed and what a better way to distract myself than going to church where I felt comforted by the word of God and besides I love all my brothers and sisters and mostly because I wondered what would happen when I stopped going and if they called me or the pastor called me how I would justify it. But I knew that I had to be obedient. If God brought this point up it was for something even though I didn’t understand clearly why, but since I was still hesitating I asked my Lord to confirm somehow if that is what He wanted me to do. I read a chapter in A Wise Woman that talks about the spiritual leader, and God brought me such a conviction that I believe is such a powerful principle that can make a huge difference in many people's lives, I will come back with a testimony for the glory of God!

~ Linda in Oregon

I know the messages are anointed and straight from the heart of God. I have been with this ministry long enough to know that Erin's primary focus is to glorify God and bring us all to a closer more intimate relationship with Him. That is my desire! Joining Restoration Fellowship would help me to bring changes in my life to become a better bride to my Husband.

The Lord led me to stop attending church before I learned this principle with this ministry. What he showed me was I was leaning on man for my answers always running to people for prayer etc.. and that I could also fall under false teaching. He also led me to stop watching many of the TV preachers. It has been so freeing for me knowing that all I need is Him and He will teach me everything I need to know. On occasion He will lead me to go to a conference or watch certain preachers on You-Tube. When I first stopped attending church I was attacked from Christian people claiming I was sinning by not going to church. The devil tried to bring condemnation to me for not attending church. I agreed with my adversary and eventually the attacks stopped.

~ Felicia in Tennessee

To become even closer to Him and to hear from Him more clearly.

Knowing that my deliverance is in my obedience, I choose to obey and I'm not just talking about my marriage. I'm talking about being delivered in every area of my life, and the joy that I've experienced since obeying Him like I never have before, has been amazing!

~ Briana in Oklahoma

I want to seek and know the Lord in a deeper more intimate way and learn what He wants from me.

I have been attending church since 1998. When my marriage went into crisis I sought help from my church and was given good advice but also given the ‘escape clause’. My local church doesn't have a ministry for marriage restoration and there are more and more divorces happening in the church; it's very common to see this nowadays. I knew from the beginning God wanted me to stand and believe for my marriage and somehow God led me to this ministry and it has been my spiritual food, comfort and teacher in marriage restoration and also learning to be His bride.

~ Cesia in Nicaragua RESTORED

My desire is to truly feel that I know I am His bride as opposed to thinking it. I've left my church and do come to RMI where I'm being spiritually fed, yet I want to learn more to get me where I need to be with my relationship with Him. I like that RMI teaches from the Bible and focuses on our one on one intimacy with our Lord.

For some reason, if I ever questioned my decision to stop attending my local church it was because of what my family or church family would think since I felt a closeness to Christ and the church. When I stopped going, several persons couldn't understand why I chose to do so and recited verses as to how I needed to continue going to church because it was God's command for me to do so, in which I would explain I was His church. Some good intentioned family members felt perhaps I was becoming "fanatical" with RMI. However, I knew that although I did feel goosebumps and His presence when I went to a local church especially during the worship, I had to trust He had led me to this decision. I needed to become His bride. RMI was able to lead me and teach me in the specific areas that my spiritual life in Christ needed, such as the restoration of my marriage and my personal relationship with Christ. I wanted and needed to follow where I knew the Lord had led me to. I needed to please Him and not what others thought I needed to do. I feel that He brought me to follow the authority of Erin, and therefore, I needed to respect all of the principles being taught. Go in all the way or don't. I chose to follow this principle. I also want to help other women who have come to the realization that they need Jesus more than anything else.

~ Ama 

Because I experienced the happiness I have since He is my Husband and I am His bride. I would love to know more and share this wonderful news with other girls, woman, ladies to help them to find the true LOVE of their life. I want to show Him - my Love - how dear is He for me, that I want to do everything what is He asking me to do. But I have to say something - I let go of my church a long time ago in my heart, but as long as I will stay with my parents I have to attend. I am fed by you since I came here and I would love to continue.

Personally I have been like this after I became part of your wonderful ministry. He is everything to me, He is the Lord of my life, He is my company, my Love, my Husband, my Doctor, my everything. I can not thank you enough for what you gave me - the information, leadings, support to get what I have now and I want to continue and help others.

~ Nelline in Texas

I yearn to be spiritually fed. I want the pure and loving relationship with my Heavenly Husband. RMI has taught me so many Biblical truths that I don't hear in my church. I am ready to let go and let God.

I just was not feeling a close connection to God at my church. I just felt that something was missing. I would rather let go of 'not being spiritually fed' and come to a place where I am being spiritually fed every single day.

~ Teena in Texas

I had applied before but I was not truly able to let go of my church because I loved my church. But then I found that although they were believing with me for my restoration I was not getting the truths that I needed to stay on the course and to learn how to be in God's will. Through the RRR online courses I found that I was getting the spiritual food that I needed to get and have a closer relationship with God. I finally made the decision to let go of my church and to hold on to Jesus and truly learn how to become His bride!

I knew it was time to let go when I began reading the RMI books and doing the RRR online courses that filled me with so much hope. I could start to feel and also see the changes that God was making in me and God was becoming "real" to me; not just a far off God in a book who was untouchable. I knew then I had to let go and get the more that RMI was opening my eyes too.

~ Joy in Nevada RESTORED

I want to continue to grow in the Lord. I thirst for more of Him, learning about Him and how to become His bride. There is endless knowledge to be grasped and I crave for it. Letting go of church and only having the Bible and the resources offered through the ministry, I would love to know more about the Lord and what fellowship is really like regardless of how it is done. I believe it is my own relationship with the Lord that really matters. And I long to get even closer to Him.

He helped me overcome my fear of what others will say. He showed me why I am doing this and for whom. It doesn’t matter what others say, but what He says. Once I understood why I am doing this, to give room for my husband to come to Him to be the spiritual leader of our family and that I am doing this to press into Him more to learn more about Him and become His bride that I can then help out others, I know I have to do this. It might be scary to go against the norm but He has been with me since the beginning and I know He will be with me through the end and forever. He gave me the courage to stand firm in my faith holding fast to Him. He is there for you, for us and always will be.

~ Ana in Florida RESTORED

I know the importance of being spiritually fed and this ministry for many years has done just that so that I may not perish, but live the abundant life with my HH.

I have to admit that at first I let go to follow the principle of allowing my EH to become our spiritual leader. In obeying, I became dependent on Jesus and spending time with Him every chance I had to feed me spiritually. While on this Journey as I really started to experience Him, I knew this was the best thing for me and I cherish every moment knowing that He is all I need and want.

~ Kady in Canada

I want to learn more about how to make a difference in today's world. I want to give others the same hope that was given to me by pointing them back to the One who first loved them. I want to help desperate and hurting women find their FIRST LOVE! In order to represent Him well in this world, I need to be more like Him and I do believe Restoration Fellowship is where He sent me to find the answers!

Letting go of my church was difficult at first, but in hindsight, it was the most wonderful thing that happened to me :). When I attended church, I never sought God for myself, never heard His voice, and always depended on others to pray for me at the altar and for comfort from them. After letting go of church and making RMIEW my church, my relationship with the Lord began to blossom and it gets stronger everyday. I now hear His voice for myself. I know that my own prayers carry weight and He hears them. I don't look to others for help unless He provides them. The throne room doors are always wide open for me to enter myself and receive His comfort, love, and everything I need. This has been the most amazing happening in my life. I wouldn't change it for a thing. If you want intimacy, this is the way to do it!!!

~ Cierra in Kentucky RESTORED

I learned and witnessed the benefit of obedience and I want to be obedient to the ministry and the call placed on my life as I have a responsibility to my fellow women who are in failing marriages.

Once I learned the value that my HH placed on obedience, it was easier for me to comply with the request of letting go of my church. When I realized that I was not being spiritually fed at the church I was attending, it was easy to lay aside the entanglement that would prevent me from focusing on enhancing my relationship with my HH.

~ Isabel in Oklahoma

He has become my purpose, my reason for living. I want to help build our family on the strong foundation we call our Heavenly Father, God. I don't want to feel the need to lean on someone other than Him. With God, He will lead me in His way far from destruction and with man there is no certain promise of anything good. I want a permanent change within, not temporary change through flesh. I want to give my children all I could ever give them and that is a future in Christ.I want a one on one relationship with our Lord and Savior; a true, deep, everlasting relationship.

I want God to be the only one I will ever need. I want to be a good example to my children and others around me so that when they see me, they see God's light shining bright within and will want to be a part of him too. I want to help others; every time I look around I see the word divorce and another broken family. I'm tired of seeing it, I hate the word divorce and just to think it used to be my favorite word to say to my husband. I want to make a difference; I want to make a difference even if it’s just one person or family I help.

I decided to just let go of my church. To put my trust in the Lord. Change can be frightening especially when it’s something you have always known that you are changing but it doesn’t mean it is forever. This will allow you to truly focus on the Lord and meanwhile let your EH fall into his rightful place of being the head of his family. I was mainly concerned about my children, but now reading more testimonies I am sure of my decision to leave my church. The Lord helped with my fear by other women’s testimonies and He also gave me peace that it’s going to be okay, that I will be able to lead my children in the their growth with the Lord through Him himself and the help of RMI. Hurdle, mastered!! Thank you Lord!

~ Lynette in New Jersey

I have let go of my Church and I am am HIS Bride therefore it would be great to be a part of Restoration Fellowship and to be able to continue my journey and be part of His Church.

Letting go of my Church was very hard yet, in my heart it was something that I knew I had to do. I was being obedient to the changes that my HH was making in my life. As I grew into this place that He needed me to do it became easy to let go of my Church. I was not being fed by my Church I was getting fed by RMI. As I became more intimate with Him and started living the principles stated in all the resources and begin to pay my tithe to RMI, I was able to let go!!!!! It is a process. It’s all because of Him, PTL!

~ Sherri in Texas RESTORED

I have been so blessed by the RRR online courses and the constant renewing of my mind by the scriptures that are a part of them. Through this ministry I have been encouraged to obtain a closer relationship with the true Lover of my soul and my life has never been the same. I finally have the close, intimate, loving relationship I've wanted all of my life and I have the love, joy, and peace that I searched for in all the wrong places in the past. No matter how much or how close I am to Him, I still desire and want more of Him. The Encouragers not only encourage me but show me how to encourage others.

Ladies, I know it can seem scary to let go of your local church because of what we have been taught growing up; that you have to go to church no matter what. But most of us have been in church our whole lives and didn't hear the Truth of God's Word until our lives fell apart and God led us to RMI. The truths that have been put into our lives through this ministry aren't taught in the church and we were perishing just like so many other hurting ladies and families are today.

One thing we've learned from this ministry is that God wants relationship with us. He wants to be first in our hearts, our minds, and our lives. God can and is capable of restoring every aspect in our lives once He is in His rightful place in our hearts. So ladies, try Him and obey Him in this. He will blow your mind and bless you exceedingly once you obey. Bear in mind that when you do attend church you are required to obey its leadership and if the leadership believes contrary to God's Word, you have to follow. Isn't that the way we tore our homes down in the first place?

~ Busi in South Africa RESTORED

I have always been told and grew up believing that one has to go to church . After discovering RMI I learnt so many things that my pastors never preached about. I want to go even deeper in knowing God and to tell other women how they can escape from the traps laid out for them.

It was very difficult for me also as I grew up in a very Christian home. I have always attended church. I prayed hard and long for God to help me and He showed me that for at least 3 years now I am the only one going to church, my EH never goes. I end up being hurt because the kids are always asking me why He never goes and people at church are also ask me where he is. I end up having to create stories and even during the service I am never at peace wondering what he is up to. He showed me this is not how HE wants it to be. Now on Sundays I stay at home and read my bible in my closet, pray and praise.

~ Donna in California RESTORED

I trust that God is continually refining me. This is an ongoing process I need to continually seek to become a spotless bride for my husband.

I was raised a Catholic but was introduced to a personal relationship with my Lord many years ago.It wasn’t until my EH left and I found this ministry that I really began to seek God as my Husband. I realized that I could grow more by spending quality time in prayer and worship at home than by going to Church and listening to someone talk.

~ Stephanie in Tennessee

I feel God has lead me to this ministry to challenge me, bring me the truth and encourage me on this restoration journey. I want to continue to grow into the person God wants me to be. I want to help encourage other women and walk with other women through this journey when we are doing well and when we struggle.

I was really convicted by the lesson in the RRR online courses that discussed leaving the church and allowing room for our husbands to be the spiritual leaders in our families. My husband did not grow up in a strong Christian home and one of the things he admired about me was my faith. He used to comment that I have a much stronger faith than him. I used to think this was a compliment. I took the lead as spiritual leader in our marriage and now I see how my spiritual arrogance contributed to the downfall of our marriage.

~ Chrissy in Florida

I finally LET GO of not only my EH, but everything that prohibited me from being close to my Heavenly Husband. I have a peace that is only understood by being His bride, making Him first and obeying and abiding in His Word. Meditating on His Word and focusing on my Lord who I have truly fallen in love with, depend on and seek out daily. I am so happy and fulfilled now, it is beyond words of explanation. 🙂

I want to also fellowship with others like-minded like me!!! Acts 4:32 (NIV) All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. Also 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Not until I became totally broken and hit rock bottom in my life with all my relationships and marriage did I start to overcome my sinful ways and die to myself and my wants, needs and especially my expectations of others. Every day is a learning experience. Every day there is something new to learn and apply through and by our Heavenly Husband who took me to be His bride. All I can say is that I rely on Him now and no one else for everything in my life. From the minute I awake to the time I Iay my head on my pillow He is with me. Every day I am hungrier for His Word and leading me in all I do and say. What is so amazing is the He took away so many bad habits such as having a foul mouth! I never curse anymore. I never even think about cursing. He removed it from my mouth! PTL!. He, my HH is first and foremost in my life, thoughts and actions so much so that others are seeing and asking me what is going on with me LOL….:)  

~ Mary in Arizona

I have a hunger for a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Husband whose love I have struggled to receive because of the disappointment I have received from all men in my life, starting with my earthly father. Until RF, I didn’t understand what He expected of me, a ‘gentle and quiet’ spirit which is pleasing to Him. I was hardly that and although I am not there yet, I see myself changing. I want to know His voice and discern it from the voices of the world. I’m on a journey that many do not understand. While I grew a lot within my local church, one of the reasons I had originally walked away was because I no longer felt I was being fed. I want to have a deeper relationship with Him.

Like many women, this was difficult to overcome. I have witnessed much fruit from the principles in the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage book and the RRR online courses, backed up by scripture. So I decided that I would stop attending church and test my own commitment to seeking the Lord. It's worked! I find myself reading or listening to the Bible, catching up on my lessons, reading the Bible. Reading books about "fasting" or "walking alongside God rather than chasing". I spent so much time reading and praying that I started to feel bad that I needed to find balance in the time I spent with my 6-year old daughter. God does not condemn, so I knew where the guilt was coming from. My daughter's desire was to spend time with me, so I invited her to read the bible and pray with me. What I recently found so AMAZING is that my daughter, who recently completed 1st grade, spent most of the year in reading levels that were behind the rest of her class. Well, on Friday, this little girl asked for her turn to read the bible. She was reading from the NKJV like a champ. Sure there were a couple of words that I had to help her with but she was reading from my "grown up" bible and not her children's version. PTL!!! He became so much more real to me. One of my fears was, "how will she be fed" which RMI says we are challenged to teach our children and it is God who will help us. He is faithful. So while I'm still attending my women's addiction recovery ministry, I've decided to continue on this path. The resistance came when I recently learned they are in the initial phases of launching a "life hurts, God heals" ministry for youth ages 12-18. Since I can remember, my heart has been for this age group and I immediately felt like I wanted to stay so that I could be a part of this exciting ministry. I have so much to offer. And while all of this is still very true, the reality is that my first ministry, my family, needs healing. I know that God is a God of miracles and He is capable of using my testimony any way that He sees fit. I had to let go of ‘Mary's’ plan and continue on the journey that has brought me the closest to Jesus and the healing that He wants to extend.

~ Chastity in West Virginia RESTORED

To help others find Him as their Husband and to continue spreading the truth about Him and marriage.

It was hard for me to let go of church but after finding out the truth and knowing that I was not being spiritually fed the way I needed to be, I just asked the Lord to help me let go and He did.

~ Rachel in Tennessee

There are a million reasons! I am in love with the book God can and will restore your marriage. I didn’t like what it showed me about myself and then once I accepted the truth I began to learn so much from it. I couldn’t get enough about the Lord and his Love for me and have been taking the online lessons. I just embrace it all. I am his bride.

I am taking a break from my local church to be here. I want to go back someday and help other women. I prayed for the Lord to help me leave and start here.

~ Lidia in Florida

The Lord is the only one that can fulfill my life in every area. The One that loves me unconditionally. He will never leave me!!! If it wasn't for Him I wouldn't be here!!!!! In these weeks I have learned what I didn't learned in all my life in Church!!! I learned that He really is there for me, that He really does love me. How can I turn my face from Him? I am more than SURE that I will never go back to be what I used to be!!!!

There is only one way to overcome anything in our lives and that is through God. I learned it the hard way. Just rest in the Lord.

~ Trace in New York RESTORED

I'm at the point in my journey where I need to be surrounded with like-minded people who love the Lord. It's important not only to fellowship with fellow believers and assist non-believers or those struggling with their walk with God, but also to be accountable. I never felt like I belonged in my church and with RMI I feel a genuine warmth and caring attitude for each other and most importantly for the Lord. It is my desire to belong to this Fellowship. I have never experienced so many people who are truly in love with the Lord, encourage and pray for one another with zest and love. None of the churches I visited, nor my church had that kind of love. I too would like to reciprocate what I have experienced and what I feel with other women within and outside of this ministry to further glorify the Lord's kingdom and lead more women to Christ.

It was really hard to let go of my church. I was pretty active and I promised my mom I would help her with Sunday School. However, after reading the principles in RMI with scripture that talks about our husband being the spiritual leader, I knew I was wrong. I thought about all those times I went to church and how inadequate it made my husband feel and how I never gave him a chance to lead us in this area (although I knew how he felt about the members). I was worried about the salvation of my young son but honestly, I have a better relationship and understanding of Christ and the Bible than I did when I was attending church and I am leading my son by example and have an opportunity to not only teach my son, as we are called, but build a closer bond between the two of us. I realized I just had to let go of the church and trust God that we would be ok spiritually, and we are.

~ Cesia in Nicaragua RESTORED

I want to join Restoration Fellowship because although I have left my local church, I do believe as you teach; that we are the church of God. My greatest desire is to grow in intimacy with my God, my Heavenly Husband. I want to fully see Him as my Heavenly Husband and not just my Heavenly Father, Abba. I truly believe RMI's principles and want to focus on seeking God.

I can see more clearly every day how God has allowed my loved ones to be removed from me. Many people, including my family, don't believe in the principles as the Word has taught. My belief is that the Bible is the undeniable Word of God and because RMI focuses on His Word, this is where I want to be spiritually fed. As hard as some of the principles felt, I did them because I wanted to be obedient to God. I've learned it is more painful to regret doing something against God's will than to be obedient to it. I want to grow in becoming His bride as it is where I feel at home, complete in who I am and I want to be a disciple of Christ in spreading the gospel.

~ Cierra in Kentucky RESTORED

Because I have drastically changed since joining this ministry. I have come such a long way on my journey, I have been transformed in ways that I never thought possible and I want to continue growing closer to Him and becoming the bride that He wants me to be.

I need Him! I have come to the realization that I cannot do anything without Him! I want to saturate myself in Him and His truth so that I can be all that He has called me to be for His Kingdom.

~ Moara in Louisiana

I found this ministry in a very difficult moment. I have learnt so much just by reading the resources you have. They taught me how to read God's word every day and other things like fasting, not to mention how my eyes opened for His Scriptures.

The reason why I am applying is because I believe you are teaching God's truth. I believe the your materials are good not only for woman seeking restoration but to all because we are to seek God first. I have been hoping for my restoration alone and while doing it I am seeking God every day. I think I could get help from the fellowship while I could also be helping others.

I want to have a completely broken heart and I want my life to be God's. I am struggling to get to that point and I am not sure why. I have been following the principles and seeking Him constantly during my day, every day, but I feel like I am doing something wrong. I have asked Him many times and will keep asking until I get there. I would sum up my reason to join the fellowship as I need help to continue to grow and make my God first in my life. I am aware that this is where He should always have been but I know I still have a way to go to accomplish that. I think that being around people that think likewise will help me grow stronger and make the Lord my first love possible!

~ Vicki in North Carolina

I had been looking for a church for years. I asked the Lord to show me where I belong but no place I ever visited felt right. Once my spiritual crisis hit, I began attending a local church with my children. They had many friends that attended this church so I thought that it would be a good place to join even though I didn't really feel led there. Week after week, I filled out the church's visitor form requesting to speak to a minister about joining. No one ever contacted me! Then I found this ministry and felt at home. I realized that God was waiting to show me where I really needed to be. It was at that point that the church finally contacted me about joining! God is so good. If they had contacted me earlier, I would have joined for my children and I most likely would have gone to their "divorce recovery" program. There is no doubt in my mind that God led me here to be spiritually fed, which is why I would like to join Restoration Fellowship.

~ Rose

Firstly, I believe in your ministry because it helps me to be closer to God. By reading the resources, the daily Encourager and the testimonies, it increased my faith in God and inspired me to read the Bible which are the Words of our Lord! Secondly through these paths, the principles behind the books and reading His Words, I am learning more and more of how to become His bride and His church. Thirdly, and yes, I believe that where two or three have gathered in His name, He is with us in our midst (Matthew 18:20).

~ Taylre

The reason why is because as a teenager I was rejected by the person I had admired for years - my earthly father. Now that my earthly father comes and goes, i still feel unloved, rejected, unwanted, just embarrassing. But then I found this ministry and I made my Heavenly Father as my own Father. Now I'm learning that God loves me unconditionally. He cares for and He will never leave me or forsake me and this is the reason why I'm joining so I can learn how to be HIS daughter, HIS bride and His church and tell people who God is so they can know that God loves and cherishes them each and every day.

~ Carmen

I do believe the premises which RF is established on. I do believe that people in general need to come out of the churches that exist today and get back to the basics - small home groups. I do believe in respecting the authority of our spiritual leaders and being that most churches and people do not share my belief in marriage restoration I feel that I need to belong to RF to remain spiritually fed and to make room for my husband to be the spiritual leader of our family.

In the past, I always chose what churches we went to and I never realized that I was usurping his authority in doing so. I can't get out of the way fast enough. It is my strongest desire to honor the Father in every aspect of my life - how I worship and praise Him is at the top of the list. I haven't been going to church; it hasn't felt right since all of this has happened. Now, I know the Holy Spirit was ministering to me.

~ Kerry

I took several days weighing over this decision and I know that I am not being fed by my church that I attend on Sundays. I pour over the Encourager and take lessons daily through the RRR online courses available. I feel like I am already a part of this great Fellowship and I am so eager to get involved with it more and to focus my attention on this rather than the double mindedness I was struggling with at my home church. I want to be HIS church and to encourage others with me!

~ Bianca in Brazil

Because I am very glad with all the Lord has been teaching me through this website. Each day I've been learning more and more and I want to continue in this way that Lord called me to run.

Since my marriage started to face problems, I started to seek God. On my birthday, I was coming back home from a business trip and on the plane I started to pray after I had read the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage book and the Bible verses about how God removed our closest friend from us and made me an object of loathing to them. I realised that this was God's plan for my life and everything that was happening was because my Lord was calling me back to Him, my First Love, that I never really knew. I felt so much peace in my heart and I just put all this situation that I am going through in God's hands. I am learning so much about how much Jesus loves me and that He wants to change me for the better, and save my home, me, my husband and our children that will be born when our home be restored.

~ Yolanda RESTORED

So that I too can make a difference; staying at home while honoring my husband as the spiritual leader (one day be a homemaker), get into the Word more, I am loving it, never have I been in the Word so much, day after day and praying daily without seizing. I had no idea it was possible!

~ Diane in Canada

Since coming to RMI I found out the truth of who I am as a person. Even being born again years ago, I was not filled with the Word as much as I have through RMI. Finally, I have a grip on who I am supposed to be in the eyes of God. I have found prayer as a power against the enemy and learned true humility. God knows what He is doing when He brings people to RMI. It forces us to look at where we are and repent. It has brought me into a closer relationship with the Lord and caused me to speak His name all day long whether in my head or out loud in my home.

~ Leena in South Africa

This ministry has been a blessing to me. For people to sow into my life through Christ’s Word is great! As women, RMI can relate to the problems I face and can share the Word accordingly Ever since I became part of this ministry through registering for the RRR online courses

I have grown spiritually and would love to know Christ more and dwell in His secret place all the days of my life.

~ Angela in New York

I desire to give all of myself to Him. I want His will for me and I want to learn all that He has for me. This ministry has blessed me so much that I know this will just add in my walk with God. Before coming here I did not understand God as my Husband and now that I do, I just want more of Him.

~ Janet

I work on Sundays and am unable to attend a regular church. I want to be able to attend a church that understands what I am going through and believes the same way I do. I have learned so much and am so happy that I can attend church here now. I would have never had the intimate relationship with Jesus that I have now if it wasn't for this ministry.

After the Lord took my husband away from me 2 years ago, I began reading my Bible again but didn't really understand what I was reading. Then the Lord lead me to this ministry and I finally began to understand. After reading Erin's books, everything just seemed to fall into place. I rededicated my life to the Lord and now that void that was in my soul has been filled. I have finally found what I have been looking for all those years.

~ Beth in Louisiana

I have not been attending any church for many years now because I have never found one where I felt I belonged and that I was growing spiritually. Since finding your website and going through the courses, my relationship with the Lord has grown leaps and bounds. I finally feel like I know what it means to have an intimate relationship with the Lord and would like to continue on as part of the Restoration Fellowship.

~ Sherri in Texas RESTORED

I have felt rejected at one time or another all of my life but a constant in my heart has always been a love for God and a desire to be obedient to Him. I didn't always receive His Truth regarding how to do this at the churches I attended until He lead me to RMI.

Since coming to this ministry I have finally found the unconditional love I've searched for in all the wrong places and finally found my purpose. Strongholds in my mind have been torn down and replaced with the Truth, old mindsets have been changed, and I have changed. I see things from God's perspective now and I will never be the same. I want more of God in my life, not just for me but also for the people whose lives I touch. I want to share all that I receive from the Lord with others who need Him the way I desperately need Him.

~ Precious

The church my kids and I were attending gave me a decision to make regarding my husband. However everything that they said didn't line up with what God has been speaking to me and therefore I had to let go of that church. So now I want to join the ministry that has allowed me to hear God's truth about my situation and my life, and also most importantly my relationship with Him!

It really only took Him to help me because I really loved being in church. The worship was great, I felt reconciled to Him there. However when the pastors and elders spoke things that were not God's truth I know I had to let go. It was a very difficult thing to do but this is where I had trust my Savior with everything that I have because my kids loved Sunday school and so on. My fear was that I would fall away from His presence easily but through God's grace I haven't and it has been 2 months since I left. I praise God for His unconditional love that when you are obedient and your trust is in Him He never lets you fall out of His presence, He's always there...ALWAYS!!!!!

~ Dana

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