Read Kopano’s RESTORED Marriage Testimony,
"ANY Marriage can be Saved!!"

This testimony was taken from one of our many
Word of Their Testimonies books
to help YOU
overcome any doubts or fears in
God's Ability and Desire to
Restore YOUR Marriage!

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1 thought on “Day 6 Be Encouraged CLASSIC 1/1”

  1. My second time through this course and I know my Beloved has helped me let go of my husband so much already. The more I know HIM the more I am able to naturally let go of my EH. I also know that when I ask Him to show me ways I’m still holding on to my EH my Beloved is sure to show me in the most wonderful way. So I am excited to learn and to let that go too.
    My EH has actually recently told me that he sees how much I’ve changed and that he knows it’s genuine, so it’s amazing to SEE My beloveds work within me in that way. Though I already knew because the peace that surpasses all understanding is just wow! Letting go is the most wonderful place to be! Also, learning to take all my feelings to HIM removes the desire to want to share with my EH. I used to share everything with my EH we were best friends. I now see that I was wrong in seeing my EH as a BFF. As a man, he desires more honor more respect more mystery in a gentle and quiet woman and I can only praise God because He is making me into a beautiful woman and why should I fear anything? I can now laugh at the future because I know God sits on His throne and laughs at those who make their plans 😂🖤🙌 I am so glad that I chose to make the 3×5 cards with scriptures, it has helped so much. Learning scripture has been SO important. Giving into my flesh and not being in the Word or prayer would be a huge mistake and I don’t want to go backwards.

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