Hope Cards in Your Community

First, make sure you begin carrying HOPE CARDS with you where ever you go so you are ready to pass them to someone who needs to find HOPE for their marriage crisis.

You can ORDER business card style Hope Cards from us OR, 

Simply PRINT, Cut them up—and keep them with you at all times!

NEXT, print off a full sheet to post at a local church or hang on your library bulletin board.

NOTE: Please do NOT leave cards around just anywhere. Other than posting a sheet in the library or other bulletin boards, please don't just leave cards in public areas and never in restrooms. These cards are meant to be handed to a woman who is hurting.


CLICK HERE for the PDF of 2 strips of cards that you can print, cut in half and cut again between, which allow them to be torn off.

*Be sure to check back periodically to see if you need to post more 🙂

CLICK HERE for a small poster and 2 strips, which allow for all cards to be torn off but still have web address left.

CLICK HERE for a larger horizontal poster and 2 strips of larger Hope Cards, which allow for all cards to be torn off but still have web address left.


If you've donated a book to your library, let women know there's a RYM book in their library!

CLICK HERE for a poster that includes a picture of the RYM cover "Now Available in Your Library."

Don't have a printer? Google a local printer or business supply store and have them print them for you!

Put the PDF on a thumb drive or send it to their email address as an attachment. Give them a call and begin Sowing Hope today!

CLICK HERE to read how OTHERS Sowed their HOPE CARDS.
And then, return here to CLICK HERE to share with OTHERS how the Lord led you to Sow Hope so others can learn by what you've learned and experienced.

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