Your new Gmail address

We ask that you set up a new Gmail account in order to help you LET GO of your past, your crisis and move forward. As you set up your new Ministry or if you've come halfway through Course 2 or if your one of our new translators—having a new Gmail account will help you move forward.

Even though you could simply continue using your current Yahoo or another email account, as an Encouraging Woman, having a new Gmail account will help you divide ministry from your personal life—pressing forward—smiling at your future and letting go.

* We ask that you put RMI or RMIEW somewhere in your email address, along with your new BNN you discovered in Course 1.

If you don't yet have a BNN "Brand New Name" please STOP now and fill out our BNN form.



CREATE A GMAIL ACCOUNT - Create a Gmail address‎

Another reason for a new Gmail account is to use for your Ministry, whether to:

Become a Minister

Become an Evangelist 

Become a Prayer Warrior


Once you create your new BNN Gmail address, please email us FROM your new BNN or Ministry Gmail. Let know so we can update your file with your new BNN Gmail account and reply by sending you the next step in this journey!!

THEN be sure to ALWAYS use your BNN Gmail account when filling out all your “Daily Journals” and “Check in” forms and/or Praise Reports, which is a safer more discreet location.

To Sum up the path towards your Restoration and Ministry:
Your Divine Appointment
Course 2 plus your New Gmail with your "Smiles at the Future" picture. Next...

Course 3 plus your BIO