Every day men and women AND children, even Christians and Believers, are overwhelmed with stress, depression, and anxiety— to the point it’s become an epidemic.

”Is there no balm, no medicine…? Is there no Physician? Why is there no healing? Why has the health of the daughter of my people not recovered?” J822

Is there no help, no HOPE? Can only medication be prescribed?

Absolutely not!

In addition, all the medications that are prescribed today are actually formulated with addiction built in—due to the pharmaceutical companies who, of course, need to make money to cover their research. So if formulated to be addictive, it naturally means more revenue. Greed is sadly the motivating factor. No one gets off their meds—they’re intended for a lifetime.  

There IS HOPE!! All across the planet, millions of people turn to alternatives, and each alternative that “works“ is because it is founded on God‘s Word. Rather than discovering a different method like yoga or meditation, that poses their own extremely dangerous spiritual side effects—we KNOW what works!!

Proven by countless women who were suicidal—the first who’d reached out to us from her hospital bed in Hawaii—after waking from a coma (her 5th suicide attempt!) because her husband kept telling her to “just KILL yourself!” Erin SSG to know HOW to help this broken woman. Erin says she would felt totally unprepared for the enormity and responsibility but immediately knew what God let her do what is the correct remedy—a way to heal her (and others) once and for all.

The results?

More than two decades later, this woman is happy, healthy, and never once contemplated suicide again!! When Erin heard from her, she said if she is ever “NOT enthusiastic for LIFE and feeling BLESSED beyond words, “she starts her (what we now call) Thankfulness Therapy again.

Thankfulness Therapy is HERE on this page with MORE improvements!!

How could it be improved?

Prior to making it available to everyone, we applied everything with a Minister and one brokenhearted woman, but we did not help the process to grow in order to reach out and curtail this ever-growing epidemic we are witnessing with our own family, friends and coworkers.

Not only does this method, “Thankfulness Therapy, “ work for those who are depressed, desperate, and with no hope—it will also help to improve YOUR lifestyle when you reach out to someone else—thus MULTIPLYING its effect.

Who knows—God knows—it may just lead you to find YOUR purpose in life—helping women around the world to begin spreading HOPE to their life circle (family, friends, and coworkers) to live happy, healthy lives connected by praise and thanksgiving rather than propelling and propagating problems and worry.

Thankfulness Therapy

Daily Thankfulness Exercises

Day 1 - 6

  1. List 7 things you are thankful for. Write them on your tablet or phone and voice record them.
  2. Ask the Lord for 8 promises. Write them on your tablet or phone and voice record them.
  3. Throughout the day, read and/or listen to prevent your thoughts from going to a dark place—let the light shine into your mind, soul, and spirit.
  4. End your day with MUSIC. Add music that inspires you and sing along. Raise hands, sing loud, and cry tears of joy. Create a Playlist for singing in the car and another to play when you wake up.
  5. Important Posting YOUR Praise lists what you are thankful for and your 8 daily promises. Let your light shine and ask women to comment with what they are thankful for and their 8 promises.

GOD KNOWS, you may save the life of a woman who’s close to throwing God’s most precious gift away—leaving children and families destroyed!!

Day 7

1. Talk to Him and ask Him to show you a family member or friend to join you in your Thankfulness Therapy, especially those who could use encouragement or healing.

  1. Send them the link to your post.

And with this, your Thankful Therapy group grows each week!

Witness the healing, joy, and gratitude by Posting YOUR Praise about your group and the healing you have experienced.


~ Dena in Alabama

Thankfulness Therapy or Medication Testimony

Just this past week I heard something alarming that certainly confirms that we need another solution to the growing epidemic of the layers that lead back to the same source. The Christians are dealing with anxiety, sadness, and depression exactly the same as people of the world.

For the past two years, I have been shocked and alarmed by the amount of “believers” who I have heard are on psychotropic medication. I knew it wasn’t good but until this past week, I had no idea how horribly dangerous and addictive it is intended and designed to be.

My son told me that his father has been on anxiety medication since the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, but then when he tried to go off of them, he found that he became violent, angry and experienced an overwhelming feeling like he was going crazy. Returning back to the doctor for his solution was to switch him to something stronger and, no doubt, just as or more addictive.

Is this a solution? Are the world’s ways ever following the truth and God‘s ways? We have found that HIS way is narrow and few find it and far less travel along His narrow path. I, for one, know it’s not an easy decision to walk going against the crowd however do we want our children and grandchildren, or extended family, and any other people in our community to never know there IS another way, another path they can take? The only way for them to find that way, to find the peace that surpasses all understanding that I have come to know and embrace, follow HIS lead is to BE the example for them to witness.

As far as I’m aware, my children who continue witnessing the path that I have followed are what they are also choosing to follow — rather than succumbing to follow the choices their father has taken. I hope what I have shared you’ll take to your Heavenly Husband and ask Him to offer you the same promise that He lovingly gave to me. Simply ask Him. Go to Him for everything and anything, don’t follow the ways of the world that appear easy at first but lead to destruction. Choose the narrow path, be one of the few and gain your strength from remembering how you are doing this for — your family. Please share this with other believers who you care about.


~ Erin Thiele

”Asked to Sign Papers to Commit My Sister to a Mental Hospital!!” Testimony

When my older sister came to live near us, we found her a assisted living close by. She was happy and flourishing, no longer sad or depressed after living alone for most of her life. Then on returning to the USA from ministering in Europe, I had an urgent phone call from the Assisted-Living Director who told me that I was going to have to commit my sister to a psychiatric hospital! As I was driving back to our home from Kansas City to Ozark, Missouri, I was listening to the director with my heart pounding out of my chest, envisioning all sorts of atrocities we’ve all seen on the news and they depict in movies! So I cried out to GOD for wisdom. Immediately I asked the director if my sister had any changes to her medication – knowing she regularly saw a physician. She said, “Why, yes, she needed to add some medication for depression.“ I asked why was she prescribed depression medication and she said, “Because she began to isolate herself from the others… Watching television alone in her bedroom.“ I told her that was MY doing. I told my sister to watch her nature shows rather than the crazy live television shows with all sorts of weird exploitations of freak behavior that was affecting her behavior—what was always on in the television room. Then feeling prompted, I asked the director if she could please look up the side effects from the medication that my sister had just been prescribed for her “depression“ (which by the way was not depression at all). She called me back and read the list which included all sorts of really terrifying side effects, three of which were the reason for me being asked to sign the papers to commit my sister to a mental hospital!!

Immediately the medication was stopped, along with some significant side effects and withdrawals, that were remedied by basically using the same thankfulness therapy with my sister. I began calling her every day and asking her to tell me all the great things that were happening every single day. When we began she had NO, NOTHING to be thankful for! So I began  by telling her the MANY things she could be thankful for: that she lived near me rather than with our other sister, singing in the church choir, having all of her meals fixed for her, having her laundry done by someone else, and many more blessings that she began reciting and counted every day—when she went to sleep and when she woke up . Very soon she was again known for being the happiest and most friendly resident at her assisted living facility!!  

Worried to Death

My Husband led me to search and I found the original story from 1988 and what we can add to the webpage 🥳🥳🥳

The expression “worried to death” has more truth to it than you might think.

There is a story about Nick Sitzman, a strong, young bull-of-a-man, who worked on a train crew. It seemed Nick had everything: a strong healthy body, ambition, a wife and two children, and many friends. However, Nick had one fault. He was a notorious worrier. He worried about everything and usually feared the worst.

One midsummer day, the train crew was informed that they could quit an hour early in honor of the foreman’s birthday. Accidentally, Nick was locked in a refrigerator boxcar, and the rest of the workmen left the site. Nice panicked.

He banged and shouted until his fists were bloody and his voice was hoarse. No one heard him. “If I can’t get out, I’ll freeze to death in here,” he thought. Wanting to let his wife and family know exactly what had happened to him, Nick found a knife and began to etch words on the wooden floor. He wrote, “It’s so cold, my body is getting numb. If I could just go to sleep. These may be my last words.”

The next morning the crew slid open the heavy doors of the boxcar and found Nick dead. An autopsy revealed that every physical sign of his body indicated he had frozen to death. And yet the refrigeration unit of the car was inoperative, and the temperature inside indicated fifty-five degrees. Nick had killed himself by the power of worry.

There’s MORE 


Thankfulness Therapy

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